The Mission-Empowered Lifestyle Declarations 


  1. Identity: I only think, speak and act out of my born-again, new creation, identity in Christ.  By faith in Christ, I have the same favor, position, authority, anointing and mission as Jesus Christ Himself.


  1. Unity: I am one with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I share this intimate and loving union with all who believe in Jesus, and desire that everything I think, speak and do to be an expression of this love and harmonious bond.


  1. Freedom: In Christ, I am free from the law of sin and death, and bound to the Spirit of God that brings righteousness and life. This spiritual reality of freedom is progressively being manifested throughout my entire life in my mind, body and relationships.


  1. Territory: Because I am a kingdom citizen, I have been given a kingdom assignment in territories I most often occupy. I am empowered by God’s Spirit to receive this kingdom assignment and available to speak, act, serve or lead in these territories.


  1. Kingdom: Being liberated by the King of kings, I view Scripture, myself, and this world through the perspective of the Kingdom of God. As I grow in this revelation of the kingdom, I grow in my confidence to speak, act and lead as an ambassador of our King throughout my places of influence.


  1. Supernatural, here and now: I have been empowered and commissioned to continue the mission of Jesus Christ, proclaiming and demonstrating His message of the Kingdom with signs, wonders, healings and deliverances. I am being equipped by the Spirit and entrusted leaders to engage in the supernatural like Jesus did with greater confidence.


  1. Stringless Grace: Having freely received from God by faith and not by my behavior or works, I can freely give to the undeserving with no strings attached. My words or acts of love is without hesitation, obligation, or obstacles.


  1. Justice: I courageously confront injustice by reclaiming the rights of the oppressed in demonic, political and religious realms. The love of God compels me to speak, act and lead on behalf of those suffering oppression of all kinds.


  1. Community: I am growing as a disciple of Jesus within the context of a mission-empowered community. Together, we pray, celebrate the testimony of truth, promote health, worship while actively planning and engaging in the mission of Jesus.


  1. Replication: Not only am I being spiritually equipped by trusted leaders, I am also spiritually equipping and encouraging other believers while on mission.


  1. Commitment: I am fully committed to aligning myself to the beliefs and practices of Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit.


  1. Expansion: I choose to engage in the expansion of the Kingdom of God by continuing the mission of Jesus. What He started, we must continue.