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The Holy Spirit came upon me very strongly today out of no where & said the following:

“I am pulling out the gray. No longer will there be a confusing mixture of black & white, the kingdom of darkness vs the kingdom of light, there will be a clear divide. A clear choice.

The greater the light, the greater the accountability, the swifter the action when darkness is chosen. How long do you suppose it was before I removed Lucifer from heaven when pride & presumption filled his heart? Eons? Centuries? Decades? No. The very second lucifer chose his rebellion was the very moment he was removed.

In my direct presence there is no confusion about what is right and wrong. What is good or evil. What is trust or pride. Therefore, in an environment of such crystal clarity, there is greater accountability, and swifter judgment on wickedness.

Consider when Jesus was sent. It was God in the flesh. The message of light and it’s reality was clearly demonstrated. Jesus was crystal clear about who he was, where he was from, what he had come to do. He proved it on all levels. But those who had chosen darkness already were sealed in their choice.

The light of Jesus simply revealed what they had already decided in their heart. With such abundant clarity, in full view of the Son of God, what was in their heart came out. They acted out what they had already decided in their heart. Their brazen actions of gross rebellion flowed out of the choice of their heart in the secret place. Because they had such a great light shine upon them, they were held to a higher standard. Because they rejected the Lord to His very face, they would be rejected as well.

And this is why judgment came upon their choices swiftly within that generation. The utter destruction of Jerusalem was the consequence of rejecting the Lord. The darkness they had chosen was already judged. They chose to eat rotting flesh and should not have been surprised when the death they swallowed would ultimately be the death that swallowed them.

Consider when the Holy Spirit was poured out. Never before had a generation walked in such powerful light & freedom. Those who received Jesus walked in such powerful light & confidence because they had witnessed Him physically. They saw Him do miracles. They heard His claims. They saw him die. They handled him after His resurrection. They witnessed the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on all flesh for the first time in human history.

It is no wonder that Ananias and Sapphira experienced death so quickly. In the unveiled presence of God, darkness is instantly expelled. God doesn’t even have to move or will it. It happens as a response to the reality of being in His presence. Just like darkness instantly flees when lights are turned on, so it was with them.

The moment they thought it, and acted on it…mercy was at work and preserved them. But the moment this couple decided to speak aloud the choice they had made instead of repenting, they too fell under the judgment that was meant only for the devil and his angels.  Here again you can see, the greater the light, the greater the accountability, the swifter the judgment.

Lastly, consider Adam and Eve. The world at that time was dominated by the goodness of the Lord. God’s will in heaven was unopposed on earth. Adam and Eve were created to continue to expand the rule of God into the earth until the physical created order mirrored the spiritual created order.

Two choices were very clearly given. With their own eyes they could see the choices before them. It was the tree of life or the tree of the knowledge of good & evil. Evil was not hidden or subtle. It stood out like a sore thumb because the entire planet was under the rule of God..under the rule of light & life. So this tree of the knowledge of good & evil, of gross darkness & putrefying death, was clearly seen for what it was: The absolute choice to not trust God. To disobey his voice.

There was no intermingling of dark & light. There was not moral ambiguity or confusion. The devil himself manifested in the physical world to present the alternative choice. The world of light dominated and was clear as day. Therefore, the work of darkness & it’s choice was equal to that clarity. Adam & Eve made their choice.

The greater the light, the greater the accountability, the swifter the judgment. Once again, the judgment reserved only for the devil, fell over them as well. Swiftly they were expelled from the garden because they lost sight of who they were, what they were created to be and to do, and mercy pushed them away from the tree of life so that they would not be forever in their condition of judgment and condemnation.

Do not be surprised by the wickedness you see. Many keep saying that it seems that wickedness is increasing. It is getting worse. But the Lord says it is not getting worse. But it IS getting revealed. It has always been there, you just couldn’t see it. What did you think would happen with an increase of God’s holy light? Doesn’t more light allow you to see more? The Lord is bringing more kingdom light (revelation/understanding) into the world. It will be unlike any other time in history.

But equal to that light will be accountability. And equal to that accountability will be swift response to the choice of light or darkness. There are countless trillions of choices people can make to engage in darkness & wickedness…but The Lord is removing the gray. Those trillions of choices will become less & less until there is only one…just as in the beginning. Like the single tree of disobedience in the garden.

When people choose darkness, people choose sin & wickedness…which is all just not trusting the Lord…it will be abundantly clear that is what they are doing. There will be no moral ambiguity. It will be light or dark. Life or death. The choice they make will be abundantly clear to all.

What will the light bring? Like never before we will witness miracles. The dividing wall between the seen & unseen realms will begin to dissolve. Powerful invitations & demonstrations of the light will be seen: selfless love, creative miracles, healings, revelation, Holy Spirit outpouring. But as such great light is manifested, as you have been warned, so will there be an increase of darkness & it’s manifestation.

Darkness is not growing. It is being revealed & what is being revealed is that it is limited in its scope. The Light of God is eternal because it flows from God. Darkness is not…it is limited. What you are seeing is the darkness that God intends to remove. It is being exposed not to reveal the darkness of the world, but as a contrast to the light of God.

The decay & stench of death from terrible choices may invade your senses for a moment, but it only because the Lord intends to remove it. Darkness gets exposed to the children of light so it can be expelled.

The Lord says His light is growing & expanding. It begins in you. “I am bringing greater revelation & understanding to those who desire it. I have stored up the prayers of the saints over the centuries and have chosen now to rain down provision. I have decided to do this in this season. I am inviting everyone to join me.

Acceleration. What should have taken 5 years will take 5 months. What was to be revealed over a long period of time, will be revealed in a moment. Clean your heart and your mind. Break agreement with all forms of darkness & wickedness. My light is coming like you’ve never seen. But I am telling you the world will see it. They will see with their natural eyes, my light, my glory, my love and my goodness. Choose this day whom you will serve.”